Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hermione scandalous moment

Hermione scandalous moment - It was a warm summer evening, and cheerful sun that soaks Burrow in the light, mellow orange. The park was crowded with people and noise, and long tables are squeaking under the weight plates and bowls of food. Hermione sat in a chair under a tree and worn tucked into the heart his apple pie and custard. His eyes wandered the crowd chattering. Molly and Arthur were playing with Teddy Lupin, whose hair keeps changing from blue to purple hard and yellow, small hair braiding Victoire Fleur, and Harry, Ginny, Angelina, and Bill are playing a game of Quidditch. 

Hermione smiled as he scored and do happy dance with Ginny air, which is hardly noticeable belly. Hermione sighed and rubbed his; that at least two times greater Ginny. Then again, he would prefer that look very pregnant than not, he could not help secretly thinking that the pregnancy without the stomach was not quite going with it. 

His eyes rolled in, brushed over Percy and Audrey, and landed on Ron, who spoke to George by one of the flowers are lush Molly. He was wearing dark green shorts he brought him from London when she went shopping with Mum's baby. They are quite tight around the bottom, and when he examined the shape, tickling warmth began to creep through him. His buttocks. His water was, perfectly rounded butt. His eyes slid along her bare legs and watched ... the back of a long-hidden beneath a blue shirt a strong arm ... the gesture as he spoke ... tousled mop of red hair ... George snorted loudly, and Hermione was surprised that a piece of cake to fly away. Blushed a vengeance, he was kicked under a bush and returned his attention to Ron. He was pointing and talking spirit, clear about some new products for the WWW. George sweeping motion with his hand, and Ron stepped back to avoid a collision. 

His ass rippled in a way that makes the heat storm surge of blood through Hermione. Not quite know what he was doing, he put his plate away and walked to Ron. He flashed a smile, but continued to speak with George. Her body was warm beside her, and she smelled faintly of aftershave. "So, if you get a little gunpowder and make a thicker cardstock, I thought it would be more spectacular explosion ... '' MHM, but you must remember that if you use too heavy cardstock, maybe ..." As George spoke, Hermione slid his hand on Ron's right buttock and rubbed it. Guess that makes it quite dizzy, and he shamelessly ignoring Ron looked startled. She snuggled closer to him and reached rubbing her left buttock. Holy cricket, it's delicious. Ron looked different, but practically the whole body rattled, and there is only one thought in his mind. He slid his hand back his right buttock and squeezed it. "Hermione!" Ron jumped. George saw them both surprised, and Ron coughed, red ears. "He just stepped on my foot. You're saying '? George go, and Hermione put her hand back botty Ron. 

He felt really reckless, almost drunk, and she can not care for anything except one thing. Now he is looking hungry in the chest Ron and his muscular arms of his bare legs covered with fine hair almost made him groan. "Let's go home," she whispered. "What?" "Forgive us, George, 'said Hermione, smiling and directing Ron in the corner. Before he could open his mouth, he urged him to the wall and kissed her deeply. "Let's go home," she whispered. "We can Apparate there and back in no time." A smile broke out on Ron's face. "Side-Along-Apparate?" x - x - x 'Hermione, dear, are you all right? "Asked Molly." You're all flushed. "" I'm fine, 'Hermione whispered, and tucked behind the ears curl. 'I just feel, uh, weak, so Ron helped me a bit. "Ron looked around and coughed into his hand. Fortunately, Molly seemed completely unaware and guided only Hermione to the table." Having something to eat, you'll feel better. Or maybe a drink - it's very hot today. Oh Teddy, dear, do not wash your hands in your pants! "Yes, you, how the lemonade?" Ron said innocently when Molly ran away. He filled a glass with sparkling lemonade and give it to Hermione, his eyes twinkling. He poured a glass for himself and drank it in one gulp.

Hermione took a shaky breath. Lips. Lower lip gently with a particularly full. 'Ron,' Hermione said with a hoarse voice and touched his arm. The warmth of his skin made him close his eyes. "Let's go home." "What? Is something wrong?" No "Hermione opened her eyes. Her whole body was shaking when I saw Ron licked his lips after drinking." You know. "Ron's eyes rounded in confusion, but as Hermione continued to stare at him, knowing smile spread across his face . 'Oh, Harry warned me that women tend to get a little mushy at some point in pregnancy ... "She waved at Harry and Ginny, who was walking toward them, and pulled Hermione away. Before they Apparate, he leaned over to press a gentle kiss on her neck." You know Hermione - I really love this stuff pregnancy. 'X - x - x' Come on, score! "He punched the air excitedly, but Bill was too late. Ron blocked Quaffle with swings her broom, and Harry moaned." That's easy, Bill! "" Yes, it is easy to block, 'said Ron, grinning, and Harry waved his fist at him. Hermione smiled at the shadows. It was scorching hot, as it has been for weeks now, and people were playing in shorts only. Ginny suggested that he could play in her bra, too, but Ron protested. "Ha!" Harry cried victory as Quaffle past Ron ripple. Ron hit the broom handle anger, and Ginny dove behind a bush to get the ball. Ron flew in the air for a while, running his fingers through his hair. His chest was glistening with sweat in the sun, and good muscle visible. His chest. His fans, broad chest with hair, both red. Hermione dragged his feet and bit his lip. Quaffle back in the game, and Ron has been accelerated pace. He reached out to do something - anything, Hermione does not know because the action had been exposed his armpit. 

That's darker depths widening smoothly toned down the side. Hermione took a deep breath in and crossed her legs. He can not wait, not for both. 'Ron,' he said with a slight tremble in her voice. 'What is -? You will come here, please '. Everyone stopped, and Ron hurtling towards him "What is' Well'...' Hermione looked up into Ron's face flushed. His chest was so close he could touch it with a little effort. "You do not get mushy again, right?" Said Ron in a low voice and glanced over his shoulder. Ginny stood up slowly approaching. "Yes. Sorry. "Hermione smiled apologetically." It's just ... see, I really-I mean, really - want to ... 'He stood up to whisper something in Ron's ear. "Right! Chapter Sorry, but we must go ',' said Ron at once and jump off." Hermione bit under the weather. "" Oh, too bad, 'said Ginny sympathetically. "Pregnancy is absolutely no good to you, Hermione. You have been sick lately. Would not the nurse you have to spell it? "" I do not think spells can heal what is wrong with you, you little tramp, "Ron muttered so only Hermione could hear him. '! Cheerio' He turned to Hermione and took her hand with a very naughty smile." And now - I'm yours. "x - x - x 'Ron, wait! I'll come with you and Harry," Hermione grabbed her bag and ran out of room. Some papers will slip away, but he still threw Freezing Charm on them. Ron was standing in the doorway, his hand on the handle. His red hair formed a striking contrast to her dark blue uniform Aurors, and Hermione stopped by the hall mirror. Neck. His beautiful, powerful neck, male. 

Thoughts that made Hermione blush rushing through his mind, and tickle the familiar back to overtake him. Ron shook his head very, very slowly. "Hermione ..." "Just a quick one, Ron!" Hermione, I was tired from last night. And the night before that. And the night before that. I did not sleep well in one week! "I know, 'said Hermione desperately." It's just ... I can not help it. But A Pregnancy Pleasant said it was normal for women to thrive and feel pretty, you know, has a passion for the moment. Oh, come on! When the baby is born, things are bound to get otherwise. We will always be tired and covered with diapers and vomiting '. 'We're going to be late from work ... "" So what? "Hermione throwing her purse on a chair and unbuttoned his jacket over Ron. 'A pregnant woman can always late, and to your being late is not unusual." Ron had no chance to reply with something else rather than moaning, because Hermione had attacked his neck. x - x - x hours later, Hermione sat at her desk and shuffling papers with the occasional glance at the picture Ron waved greedy. There was a knock at the door, and Juliana came with a steaming cup and a sandwich. "Here's a little breakfast," he said. "And do not worry will be too late. You have so many hours of overtime that you can also take a week off." Hermione smiled and straightened the stack of paper against the table with a tap. "You know, I think that is excellent advice!" 

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