Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Actually, Mink Brar is a Lesbian

Actually, Mink Brar is a Lesbian - Recently, Mink Brar video released on the internet who has locked lips with another woman. Speaking of which Mink Brar said that she is her friend from South Africa and she watched the video itself and it looks good. Mink Brar went on to add that some things are personal to him and he did not want to talk about it. Mink Brar hope that she will get to tell a script that he had Amitabh Bachchan and hope to act with she. Besides Pyar Ka Tarana Mink Mink Brar has acted in Bollywood films more as well. Brar mink has also produced his own films.

Pyar Ka Tarana is the debut film untukMink Brar recently confessed she was gay. However, Mink Brar said that she not homosexual, bisexual or hetrosexual and just pure lesbina. Mink Brar, however is said to have added that he would not turn into a lesbian forever. Infact Mink Brar wants to get married someday and want to have children as well. Recently there are rumors saying that he appeared in an American pornographic movie called Queen of the Desert but Mink Brar refused completely. It is said that he would not do a movie for cheap publicity.

Swimming pool Mink Brar videos found online can be found below

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