Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Madonna on Video

Happy Birthday Madonna on Video - August 16, one of the most prominent women  influence in the music industry like no other. Some thirty years after her career Madonna has sold over 300 million records and knowledge of the most popular female artist of all time.

The star also praised as a role model for women entrepreneurs in the music industry and extensive work with charitable work.

We wish her a happy 53rd birthday today!

Glee saw him in a car accident special tribute episodes dedicated to  Material Girl , The Power of the Virgin.

Yet, had come to know as a master of reinvention-changing landscape. The brand was a special day Celebuzz presents some of their most famous looks great!

Madonna also has a name (and create different styles), the movie itself, and received a Golden Globe nomination as the titular character in the movie musical Evita. Or was behind the lens, and is negotiating another movie, here in London.

There is also a successful line of clothing sold in H & M, but fashion's daughter Lola.

Madonna  s new baby boy named Rocco, a marriage with Guy Ritchie. Or the other two sons, David and Mercy, who accepted mawali region in the world, close to his heart. He not only has its own destiny, which is the subject of a documentary, but started a charity organization for children in poor countries to help.

All the good work and good deeds, the name - we can not expect  follow! Do you have a favorite song by Madonna? Tell us a comment below. One of our favorites below -  Vogue  - conducted in the reinvention tour with her.

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