Tuesday, August 16, 2011

45th birthday halle berry still hot body

45th birthday halle berry still hot body - Of course. It  is much easier to stay in shape, is a millionaire actor title for his work. But Halle Berry shows that at 45 you can stay in shape and look very beautiful at the same time. It rocks.

We Magazine published a picture of Halle Berry to celebrate its 45th anniversary this weekend shows the abs tight, satin bows and a healthy, happy and healthy smile on his face. And why not? She is in love with French actor Olivier Martinez (who happens to be the same age... another rarity Hollywood) And she raised a daughter 3 years old, sweet, Nahla, on the beach in Malibu. N What  not be happy?

Of course, Halle Berry achieved great things in his career, so if she wanted to slow down and stop to smell the roses? Not Halle. She is currently involved in a project of artistic film with a lot of noise is large relative unknown to the script.

Right  Movie 43  \\, for now, it  is an anthology of comedy to help bust up  two hours sometimes sad for theater lovers. Something that happens frequently in those days.

But Halle Berry has advice for choosing projects that  she wants to be a part of. She has proven that with the right equipment, is also a convincing and talented actress who filled  screen larger than life talent charm, beauty and enormous.

Happy 45th Birthday, Halle!

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