Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Junior NTR in Pathala Bhairavi remake

Junior NTR is all set to act in the remake of his grandfather SR. NTR’s “Pathala Bhairavi” which released within few years after independence. The movie is said to be produced by C. Kalyan and will be directed by Kodi Rama Krishna.
There is news that Kodi Ramakrishna, which churned latest, hit ARUNDHATI, desired to make a movie with Jr BNTR. Hearing this producer C Kalyan was ready to produce and is ready to invest loads of money into it.
Kodi recently narrated the script to Junior NTR and also convinced him that he can carve the best in this remake. But producer C Kalyan and Young tiger are a bit disappointed, as director Kodi Ramakrishna has a habit of making movies for 20- 28 months and so time factor may make them rethink on several aspects of “Pathala Bhairavi” remake.

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