Friday, August 19, 2011

Vennela Kishore everything is ready for direct Vennela one and a half

Quirky and whacky humor comedian Kishore Vennela is set to wield megaphone but take a while before going to sets as hehas six films waiting for releaseKishore worked in the direction of time before he turned to the actor, and now they want to givehis directorial dreams shape. It is a sequel Vennela and is entitled "Vennela one and a half" and the slogan is prettyciekawa.Podpis Vennela was (love and loss) 2 and the sequelwill be (love and laughter) 3 - logic.

Kishore says: "In part 2 as the title would sound routine. I would have ideally wanted to Deva Katta direct it, but because there is no time doing it. It is appropriate to the hero-heroine story, and I will be an ordinary comedian." Kishore says Deva Katta showed the script but is tight-lipped when asked if Raja and ParvatiMelton will work in the sequel too.

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