Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sarah Pallin New Bikini Photos Update

Sarah Pallin New Bikini Photos UpdateSarah Pallin Holding a gun on her arms, she looks so hot doesn’t she? Please some one help me convince my self that the woman wearing so sexy 2 pieces bikini on the picture above is Sarah Pallin, Candidate of The Nak*d Vice President, The John Mccain Ass Running Mate, The Governor of Alaska? The Grandmother mother of of Bristol Palin who pregnant without married? That is the Sarah Palin my favorite hot kickass Ms Waskila right?

Still can believe that It’s Sarah Palin on the picture? Go click on the image to enlarge it, in case you want to see it larger to convince your self. What do you think guys? Do you believe that the candidate of the vide president of united state have had some hot photo shoot before? I think as a Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is smart enough to prove that the picture is not a n*de pics. Who knows anyway.. wish there was someone had the full body version of the photos.

This is an obvious Photoshop job Sarah Palin is wearing glasses and has her hair up, as in all the other pictures of her online. Also, the angle of the neck and head are a mismatch.

Just can't believe it, but it's true. (unless someone would say it fake). Definitely my favorite vice president ever. Will vote for Sarah Palin N*ked Vice President!
Btw there are many informations and or feedbacks coming said that the Sarah Palin N*de Picture is just a lie! Actually Sarah Palin was never having a n*de photos shoot before. That was actually a school prompt photo shoot.

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