Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rajanna inspired

We make sculptures of a notice of local heroes, when we visit a village in Andhra Pradesh. Few of these sculptures belong to neither the politicians nor the well-known freedom fighters. Statues of these unsung heroes who fought for their freedom and their land. One of these is a local hero Suddala Hanumanthu (father of the national award winning film texts Suddala Ashok Teja). He is a poet from the region of Nalgonda who fought to save the earth Rajakars hometown-men. 

Nagarjuna Rajanna is based on the life history Suddala Hanumanthu is about revolution and led to opposition to oppression by Rajakars in post-independence era when the state of Hyderabad Nizam was still join the Union in India. Period  in which the story takes place in 1950 and 1960. 

Vijayendra Prasad, who was the basis of many successful armed SS Rajamouli is the megaphone for this movie. Impressed with the unique content, Supriya Yarlagadda manufacturer produces this film on a large scale with many rich collections of her prestigious Annapurna Studios banner. 

There have been rumors in the media that this film is to move Telangana. But this is not true. The manufacturer took several incidents that took place during the Nizam of rebellion and used as background Razakar movements. The story of a man fighting for the land and fight for the people. 

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