Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power star Pawan Kalyan Six Pack in Gabbar Singh?

The last time the star power Pawan Kalyan was noticed was shirtless in the movie "Thammudu" - way  back in 1999. Fresh, Pawan Kalyan is the enactment of Gabbar Singh, the Telugu remake of Bollywood with the film "Dabangg" Salman Khan. Andit is rumored that Pawan  Kalyan will be seen shirtless for this movie to flaunt his body - like Salman is not in the Hindi version. But Pawan Kalyan is not accustomed to such antics, and wonder whether he does it in Gabbar Singh or not. Remember, Pawan was also opposed to locks lips Teenmaar initially, but later was forced to do so.
In Tamil, Simbhu is trying to do the same thing - to go shirtlessand proud of his six pack body. In fact, critics argue that it would be unjust if only the movie remake of Salman Khan without going shirtless. Rich Gangapadhyay game heroine in "Osthi" while Shruti Hassan is regarded as  Gabbar Singh. That would bewrithing crowd seeing him shirtless Pawan? Remember, PawanKalyan is an evening dance is not too much these days because of the age and health. But in the face of a powerful villain and Sonu Sood in Gabbar Singh, Pawan should show something unusual - I wonder what it would be.

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