Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Parvati Melton Item Song in Dookudu filim

Near the sources of the unit say that the actress Parvati Melton plays the songs in position Dookudu is Mahesh Babu. This item song with Parvati Melton with Mahesh Babu is still shot on film, and individuals planning to film songs in the near future. These two entities will be shaking their legs to the number of composed music director SS Thaman. Remember, Parvathi Melton was the original heroine of Mahesh Babu in addition Kaleje but later writers have brought with Anushka instead. Jalsa movie actress at does not feature in any top movies, but now as a cameo appearance as an item song in Dookudu. Parvathi Melton so with the introduction of some weight, hopefully, and Prince sizzle on the screen for this song. Also, the second teaser Dookudu Mahesh Babu is to be released today is the birthday of Mahesh Babu.

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