Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Overseas Kandireega by the Supreme FILMS LLC

Supreme Films, LLC, USA bags the overseas screening rights of the most anticipated KANDIREEGA youth and artistic family .We are proud to be associated with Sri Sai Ganesh Productions and Multidimension Events Pvt Ltd for distribution throughout KANDIREEGA abroad. 
1st The film is currently Kandireega and outside the artist's family. 

2nd KANDIREEGA gets U / A with no cuts, censor members had a good laugh to the end and said positive things. 

3rd Hero Ram will be seen in the film in a stylish and Hansika, Aksha play the female role in the film. Swathi plays a different role in the film. 

4th  Thanman rocking music as one of the main attractions. 

Andrews handled cinematography. 

Recently the audio of this was released and it was not a good answer 

Hero Ram plays a carefree guy-Seenu character in this film. Although it is not much educated have enough unwanted gifts, which makes the people around him, teasing. He does not believe in love, but falls in love with the heroine. His characterization makes the film's most interesting " 

"Kandireega" is set around the globe hit the silver screen on August 12. 

Supreme Films LLC, gave a lot of hits and crazy products, such as Simcha, ORANGE, KSD Appalraju, Dongala Mutha, Brahmigadi Katha and many other films during the trip. 

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