Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mogudu movie to release in September

Gopichand in "Mogudu" is the family of the artist, directed by Krishna Vamshi. The movie has Taapsee and Shraddha Das as the leading ladies and Dr. Rajendra Prasad in an important role. Nallamalapu Bujji producing the film under the banner of Lakshmi Narasimha Productions. The film has so far completed 70%shooting.
According to the manufacturer Bujji, Krishna Vamshi is working firstwith Rajendra Prasad, Gopichand, Roja, Taapsee, Shraddha Dasand Naresh. Similarly, music director Srikanth Babu Shankar andcamera work for the first time with Krishna Vamsi. In this way, 'Mogudu "is made ​​of a new connection, which creates a fresh feeling of the audience as well. He announced that the film will release in September. The film will be a presenter by Baby Bhavya.

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