Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meher Ramesh Billa sequel with Prabhas

As we know, Prabhas' Billa (2009) was a remake of Tamil Ajith(2007) with the same title. Ajith is now making a prequel titled Billa Billa 2, so the question that naturally arises whether Prabhas will be a remake of the same language version Telugu too?

When contacted, Head of Prabhas, "said Prabhas approached Billa 2," But Prabhas is busy for the next three years and not yet committed to the project. "

Mean while, the director Meher Ramesh Bill said that he has another plan for Prabhas. Bill 2, was shot in Hyderabad, is aprequel, but the director said he planned to do a sequel with Prabhas. "But with Prabhas busy now, fans will have to wait," he added

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