Monday, August 8, 2011

Mahi Gill uncomfortable doing intimate scenes

You may be surprised by Mahi Gill,  that he felt very uncomfortable doing intimate sceny.Aktorka whose love pictures of Idi Prema Katha Kadu a big hit among Internet users is to beshared with the uncertainty of being part of the intimate scenes.

Mahi Gill says that he feels very uncomfortable to bold scenes. She believes that it is not easy to be part of the love scenes in front of so many people. But it acknowledges that intimate moments are just like any other scene any more.

Speaking about her love scenes in Idi Katha Kadu Prema, MahiGill says he was shocked when they told her to do a bold scene in the very first day of shooting. She was not mentally prepared for love scene and it was a strange experience for her.

Prema Idi Katha Kadu is based on the life of Kannada actress Mariah Monica Susairaj is killed Neeraj Grover with the help of her boyfriend Emile Jerome Matthew.

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