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Kandireega Rating

Kandireega Movie Review - Kandireega Review –Kandireega Rating Telugu Movie Review: Ram Kandhireega returns with a film after taking a short break in his career after Rama Rama Krishna Krishna. He put his faith in the young director Santosh Srinivas and gave him a chance to direct him. Kandireega is produced by Bellamkonda Suresh, who tasted big hit with his latest problem Kanchana. Kandireega   schematic that the movie format is a success. Nothing great about the movie and can not be ruled out in each. Use what the audience wants and is hot. Read more review Kandireega.

Seenu (RAM) who DO end up finishing it comes to the City, aiming to complete the degree. But falls in love Shruti (Hansika) first glance, II, and learns that stands in the face of a problem with the thug Bhavani (Sonu Sood), who wants me to marry against her wish. Seenu confronts the challenge of Bhavani and gives the possibility to win the love of Seenu Shruti joke. One gets Seenu TO Bhavani, falls into a bigger problem, called Rajanna (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Rajanna daughter Sandhya (Aksha) Seenu Koch OD at first sight and asks her father, her husband THAT into it. Now Seenu must use their minds, TO get out  with this problem, as he knows Because muscle strength alone is not enough to reach bd Rajanna. 


Kandireega joke routine fare in the main hero can beat hundreds of goons to Will. When  a problem arises where you simply do not flex its muscles, hero falls km of mind games and tricks to fool the criminals. Sweeping Success joke that has been used in many films such as Dhee, Ready to do a degree in Brindavan too. 

The  first race of the front half of the History of not much. Dyrektor film filled with good comedy and entertainment Element to keep the audience interested. But the movie goes overboard in the direction of en compartment in which the hero has to fight after fight to prove its strength both villain and heroine. Stuff gets settled when hero begins to use the brain. Some Characters in the film Maja absolute U-turn That hour and makes it laugh riot. 

Even the scenes and characters that we see on the screen are known, the complaint will NOT, How He plays the movie to the maximum. Director did well to keep the audience focused with a few tricks of the script and made the better use of the most star cast TO make a comedy. There are moments in which the director is trying too Much The President TO caper comedies do, but the joke of the performances. 

If the film has a better sound and better-looking characters would work out better. Compromise on a few things can affect its prospects km. However Kandireega  work because km funny moments and Entertainment Large. 


Ram joke energetic as usual, but it gives a sense that he \she  to say and doing  so much for his frame and age. Director should be subdued and dialogues parts Shares massy to ten character more believable. Hansika joke km Boku looked heavier and older Ram in several scenes. She is not a joke warmly in several scenes. Aksha up Telangana well with the accent but looks too suffers badly in this film. 

Sonu Sood has two shades of character in this film. In a brilliant joke, maybe the hero  of this film. In some frames he looked handsome and violent than the Ram. Jaya Prakash Reddy A good joke in the routine role. Raghu Babu joke right. Brahmanandam rocked in one scene. The  rest of the cast of the well at restrictions. 


Dialogues are good in comedy scenes, but may be better in the talks between the Ram and Sonu Sood. Music Thaman Dashes do not joke. Besides Champakamala ... none of the songs repeat value. Andrew Zdjęcia.Jest joke in order and so a joke for editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. Should be trimmed AS  lasted nearly 2 hours 45 Minutes. Production values ​​are fine. 

Debutante Santosh Srinivas IS well to make his debut count. Artists can handle commercial with a flourish. He has too big a sense of a scenario that joke useful in the long run. 

Plus Points: 

- Sonu Sood performance 
- Ram Energy 
- Comedy 

Minus Points: 

- Goes overboard in the sequence pl Shares 
- Deja vu feeling in a movie 
- Music 
- Hansika 

Final Word: Sting Kandireega no joke cute and fun! 

Box Office Forecast: Dhada dismal show will benefit the film at the box office. Lack of Good Films Telugu in recent years, the AID of course. Kandireega should be a winner on the road. 

Kandireega Rating: 3 / 5 
Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions 
Starring: Ram, Hansika Motwani, Aksha, Sonu Sood, 
Music: Thaman S 
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh 
Director: Santosh Srinivas

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