Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is jr. NTR Imitating Mahesh Babu?

Jr.NTR,   who has an interest to follow his grandfather some times show no interest in imitating others. He expects everyone to follow him. But now doubts rounds, if the same is imitating jr.NTR Mahesh Babu and his work style.
Until recently, jr.NTR was the acknowledgment of the brand, but now it is to welcome them in style is Mahesh Babu. Also, when Mahesh took the support of the brand Amrutanjan, NTR became a brand ambassador for Zandu Balm, the toughest rival for Amrutanjan.

Similarly, when Mahesh started promoting the jewelry brand named Jos Alukkas, NTR began to do the same for Malabar Gold.
Not only the brand endorsements, now in the style of Mahesh Babu, jr.NTR  is to carry out the function of cinema and media.

"As often seen in the media frenzy is the principle of reduce Mahesh Babu and it is currently implemented by the jr.NTR." This discussion going in circles filmnagar.

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