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How to Lose Face Fat - Tips to reduce facial fat

One of the most common aesthetic complaints of many women and men is now about excessive and disproportionate face. That's because a bloated face, adds years to one real age, and makes it feel unconfident with myself, or myself.

Loss of fat face is therefore a solution to look younger and feel better about yourself.

If you feel that your face is fat and you want to learn how to lose facial fat without having to go to a surgeon or clinic's face, then this article is for you.

Your face is the window show

So goes a popular saying. 
However, it is something that is disposed of as something superficial, because it seems to boast of vanity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to have a healthy concern about how you look, because his face reflects the inner universe, not just your thoughts and emotions, but your body overall health as well. 
Your face gives you (and others) know if you are a good life or not. Puffy face is therefore an indication that something in your life is not so.

Why your face is fat

there are other factors that lead to large deposits of fat in addition to the aging face. 
Toxicity leads to aging and weight gain. The incidence of unhealthy habits because their faces are so many people is fat.

Lack of sleep (or the excess thereof) and too much stress both disrupt the endocrine system, which is responsible for hormone production. 
Hormones determine how quickly we age, how much to build muscle, how much sugar to use, and how much fat store.

If the endocrine organs are not in perfect shape of the tissue loses its elasticity and firmness much earlier than it should, giving the appearance of fat and unhealthy look. 
Thus, in reducing facial fat to try to sleep on time 7 to 8 hours and exercises to cope with stress..

Eating a standard Western diet that is rich in animal fat and protein is one of the largest contributors to the formation and development of unwanted fat face.

Animal protein is the acidification and thereby accelerates the aging process. 
In addition to contributing to weight gain, animal fat is harmful because it is where the animal poisons are stored. Toxic body will thus swelling of fat cells.

These days the store aisles are filled with highly addictive processed and packaged foods full of chemical additives such as preservatives, food coloring, conditioners, bleaching agents, binders and fillers, not to mention the harmful saturated fats and high fructose corn syrup. 
These toxins all the burden of the liver, whose main purpose is to detoxify the body.

Weight of the liver or digestive system and protest messages will be delivered to and through the face. Poor eating habits also lead to constipation and water retention.

Water retention is caused by eating highly processed foods that have too much sodium in them. 
Lack of fiber intake contributes to water retention.

Hidden food allergies can also be the reason why the face looks puffy in certain days and normal for a few days. 
People usually retain water in more than one place in the body. You can hide your thighs and stomach bloated with strategic dressing, but you cannot even hide the contours of the face makeup techniques poufy.

Smoking depletes the body of vitamin C, vitamin Cand no body will not be able to produce collagen and elastin, which leads to premature sagging face.

This deadly addiction also causes free radical damage to cells and lowers oxygen levels in the body, making wrinkles, stains and unattractive skinsallow.

Drinking is another bad habit that will inevitably affect the face. The only body that can process alcohol is the liver, whose primary function is detoxification. If the liver is too much to detoxify, it will not be able to perform its other functions, which is in the metabolism of fats.

The accumulation of un-metabolised fat leads to weight gain. In addition, the end product of fat processing of alcohol, even if the alcohol contains no fat, so finally gaining even more weight.

Changes in lifestyle, change face

In no way can reduce facial fat without any ofiary. Zdrowego lifestyle not only save on the exorbitant fees doling facial surgery, you will alsoget rid of tiresome self-awareness and unnecessary distress caused by the inflated face.

Here are some tips on how to lose fat face:

1) Eat fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds dailyDo not cook them to ensure thatseniors are getting a cocktail of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, fatty acids, and is due to intact andundiminished.

Crude nutrients to reverse the aging process,cleanse the intestine, liver detoxificationfight diseasemetabolizes excess fat, relieve stress,help build muscle mass and promote healthysnu.Wysokiej low ratio of potassium and sodium inraw foods will also solve the problem of water retention .

Raw fruits and vegetables, cleanheal and rejuvenate your body and you can not really have ahealthy body without a glowing, radiant face to boot.

2) facilitate the detox process initiated by the new healthy diet by sweating through exercise. Exercise also unclog pores of your skin and promote circulation, giving your face a healthy blush of color. Jogging and running all the muscles of the body work, including the face.

That is why marathon runners usually do not havethe chin and lower jaw that jump. Stretching exercises such as yoga, on the other hand helps to relax and de-stressBut the best exercises todeflate puffy face, which is collectively known asfacial exercises.

For more information on facial exercises to checkthe articles on the face and firming face liftalternatives.

3) the practice and discipline to kick bad habits,lazinesssluggishness, and not sleeping at the time.Make a schedule and to-do list every day.

Make sure that the time spent on exercise and onshopping trips to organic production in thedepartment or the nearest market. Nurture strengthof will and motivation to empty the barges and dumppipe and lighter package.

Observe the mental discipline as well. Stop worrying and start to smile.

Remember that your face is the window show. Itcertainly does not hurtif what is on display is just a wonderful picture of health and beauty.

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