Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heroine Nayanatara Becomes A Hindu

Hot heroine Nayanathara grew another surprise! With the original name of Diana Mariam Kurian, Nayanathara turned into a Hindu yesterday (7 August) morning at Arya Samaj Temple in Chennai. She descended from Kochi and entered the temple ofArya Samaj Road Waltax in Chennai and went Shuddhi Karma -Hindu purification ritual and chanted Vedic Veda and Gayathrimantra. Later,  the Certificate of conversion to Hinduism was released Nayanatara who returned back to Kochi last night alone. So she is now officially known as the Hindu Nayanthara.

Now why Nayanthara turned into a Hindu? To marry her beau Prabhu Deva, says the source. And if you ask Nayantara in the fact that she quickly said, "Yes, I am converted to a Hindu, but now my passion and conviction." First Nayanatara Prabhu Devacould see the tattoo on her body. Her next film was to stay away from movies, despite offering huge salaries, and now she's transformed into a Hindu Prabhu Deva for. So  Prabhu DevaNayanatara and are inching closer to marriage? Maybe!

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