Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fox Star Studios Rise "Of The Planet Of The Apes to open screens in record numbers

After the super success of the X-Men: First Class, Fox Star Studios is set to release another nail in the next week, one of the most anticipated Hollywood films this year, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.
Come August 5 film opens in record number of 450 individual screens, double-trumping previous Hollywood movies such as Harry Potter and the X-Men: First Class, which opened in 250 individual screens. No other Hollywood film has seen such a massive and aggressive opening, especially in dubbing languages ​​(Hindi, Tamil and Telugu), as manufacturers feel that audiences all over India will connect to the film due to the universal message. In fact, the release of this film on a par with the most anticipated movies of Bollywood, say sources, because it is the only big release this week.
Starring the handsome actor Oscar, of 127 hours of fame, and James Franco Slumdog Millionaire India's own girl Freida Pinto, a highly anticipated visual effects Oscar extravaganza generates a lot of noise already in Hollywood, with the initial reaction to the film in professional circles is phenomenal.
Key in the rebooting stunning effects are rendered without any real animals. Peter Jackson's Oscar-New Zealand digital effects house Weta Digital, which created such masterpieces as the Avatar, Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong have expanded on his Oscar-winning work for rendering the first time in franchise history, film, photo-realistic than the costumed actors monkeys.This technology allows audiences to the emotionally involved in the main character, a chimpanzee named Caesar, who in reality does not exist.
The film is praised by experts in the field of trade in Hollywood for his stunning CGI effects and the performance captured the actor Andy Serkis as Caesar Ape, which some say has been exceeded avatar as well.

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