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Chiranjeevi Biography

Heroic looks, daredevil acrobatics and mesmerizing dances, together form the Telugu mega star Chiranjeevi, director of the pleasures and one of the most beloved actors in South India. Affectionately known as "chiru," is one of the super stars of Telugu film industry (Tollywood). Associated with the industry over the past 30 years, Chiranjeevi showed his artistic excellence in a number of hits cinemas. Besides being the ultimate hero of Telugu film lovers, the star is a dream package for film producers in Tollywood. Recently joined Chiranjeevi politics and leads Charitable Trust known as well.

Chiranjeevi Childhood and Education

Megastar of Telugu cinema, Chiranjeevi was born on 22 August 1955 in Mogultoor, a small town in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. His father - Late Sri Venkat Rao and mother -Anjana Devi, named him Siva Sankara Vara Konidela  Prasad.He has two brothers - Nagendra Babu and Kalyan Babu and one sister - Vijaya. Chiranjeevi studied in schools located inNidadavolu, Gurajala, Ponnuru, Mangalagiri and Mogalturu inAndhra Pradesh. He pursued his studies at the intermediate C.S.R. Sharma Junior College (Ongole) and graduated with a degree in B. Com from YN College in Narasapur, Andhra Pradesh.

Early film career

After completion of education, Chiranjeevi moved to Madras (Chennai) to chase their dreams of becoming a star in the film industry. Shortly after graduating in action, in june 1978 he was offered a small role in the film "Punadi Rallu" directed by Raj Kumar. Although it worked the first time in "Punadi Rallu" chiru first film to be released was "Prana Kharidu" (1978), K. Vasudirectorial venture. Then he was offered a number of small and villainous roles in films including "Manavoori Pandavulu" (1978)."Adavi Donga ', released in the same year was another important film in his career. Chiranjeevi In 1979, eight editions, and by its last quarter, which began gaining momentum in the industry.

The journey towards Stardom

Chiranjeevi was shining like a star in 1980, with critics and hits a big role. His roles in "Punnami Naagu" (1980) and 'NyayaKavala "(1981) received equal recognition from critics and audiences. The turning point in Chiranjeevi film career came with "Khaidi" (1983), which charged him immediate fame. This film was the beginning of its dominance in Tollywood (Telugu film industry). Directed by Kodanda Rami Reddy, the movie became a super-actor duo hit. Dyrektor proved to be one of the most successful combination in the industry during this period. Then they worked together in 23 films, most of which turned out to be block busters.
Known for his courage-devil stunts, Chiranjeevi met with accidents on the set. He was wounded during the shooting of the climax of the movie "Sangharshana" (1983). Then underwent surgery in London. But he continued to perform difficult and risky stunts in his films. In the movie "Intiguttu" (1984), was injured when he tried to fight with light the lamp. "Bavagaru Bagunara" is another film in which Chiranjeevi carefree attitude shows a teenage boy doing bungee jumping.


Chiranjeevi continued to give goes to Tollywood. Some of his hits is "Abhilasha" (1983), "The Challenge" (1984), "Pasivadi Prana"(1987), "Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu" (1989), "JagadekaVeerudu Athiloka Sundari" (1990), "Kodama Simha "(1990)," Leader of the Gang "(1991)," Rowdy Alludu "(1991) and 'GharanaMogudu' (1992). After a phase of low-career, mid-1990,Chiranjeevi to return at the end of 1990 with another series of hits, including the Master (1997), Choodalani Vundi (1998), BavagaruBagunnara (1998) and Sneham Kosam (1999). "Indra" (2002) was amega hit and was one of the highest grossing films years

Personal Life

On 20 February 1980, Chiranjeevi married Surekha, the daughter of a famous comedian of the past - Allu Rama Lingaiah. They have two daughters - Sushmita (the oldest) and Sreeja (the youngest) and his son - That Ram Charan Teja. Sushmita is married business man from Chennai Vishnu Prasad and Sreeja married Sirish Bharadwaj, engineering student from Begumpet.

Praja Rajyam

The ideology of social democracy, the mega star Chiranjeevi has entered the political arena and founded 'Praja Rajya "party in 2008. Its regional headquarters site is located in Hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh. Chiranjeevi has appeared in the first public meeting for business 26 August 2008. Politicians who have joined hands with the Praja Rajya former  TDP leader, Mr C. Ramachandraiah and G. Haribabu Naidu.

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT)

On Oct 02 nd, 1998, Chiranjeevi started Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization that will focus on the eyes and the Bank Krwi.Cel CCT (Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust) is a division of people as he could on the humanitarian ground thus demonstrating a new dimension in his Persnality  its earnings are passed to the fund since then, with money earned through advertisements and promotions that the blood from the CCT pojawi. Bank given by many people in those years, which is a record by working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bank of eye served people so far in a   short time after its launch. Recently he began focusing on a child relief. What Chiranjeevi did not the CCT is a noble cause that should be respected, and every hit movie Chiranjeevi means more funds for the CCT.

Chiranjeevi Blood and Eye Bank

MISSION: At a time when more advanced medicine, blood is still enough life support, very inaccessible. Added to which is the lurking danger of infection gets into the blood because of inadequate facilities and lack of awareness.
The WTC is our effort to provide secure and control your blood to every person in need of it. In the coming years provides for the CCT in order to eliminate deaths due to lack of adequate and safe supply of blood in the AP and India.

POLICY: Chiranjeevi blood bank is perhaps the only blood bank in the country in which the exchange of blood is not necessary.

WTC provides blood completely free the needy and underprivileged. In addition to the WTC also bear the costs of blood tests, which is about Rs.750 / -. Unit For the economically backward people and those with lower income groups CCT absorbs the costs of screening altogether. People  who are white card holders or belong to a family of white card holders and are used in hospital treatment, are eligible for an exemption by claiming the cost of screening.
WTC is a subsidy of 50% for those using the treatment in private nursing homes. For higher income groups and those using the treatment Corporate Hospitals, WTC, offering free blood, but the screening costs must be borne by them.

Blood Bank provided 3,000 donors directly to hospitals, such as NIMS, CARE, APOLLO, Usha MULLAPUDI in an emergency that needed fresh blood.
Trust established five clubs, voluntary blood donors inVishakahapatnam, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Kakinada andHyderabad and plans to meet the objective of establishing 50 such clubs to increase substantially the number of donations of blood.

Preparation of elements in the art machinery in order to take account of recent changes in the blood transfusion will also be added, along with measures to upgrade the rest of the equipment


To ensure the vision impaired through the collection and distribution of corneas from eye donation volunteers. 

Educate  people about the importance of eye donation. 
To register and maintain a database of donor eyes, corneal posthumously to recover from registered donors, and dissemination of the cornea to the needy. 

Chiranjeevi Eye Bank was started in 1998 to service the vision of its founder, the well-known Telugu film star Mr. Chiranjeevi. Pierwszy appeal for donations to the public eye through the media Chiranjeevi definitely spectacular reaction caused more than fifty thousand people, pledging their eyes for posthumous use 
ensure the vision impaired. 
Trust through an intensive eye bank has collected 775 pairs of eyes from deceased donors who pledged his eyes and provided a vision to 1550 people who are visually impaired. 
Trust intends to appoint advisers in each district to create awareness about eye donation and encourage family members of those donors who pledge their eyes, to extend cooperation in order to collect the eyes of the collapse of such donors. 
Eye Bank and the blood bank is administered by the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.


1982: Filmfare Award for Best Actor ('Subhalekha')
1984: Filmfare Award for Best Actor ("Inti Guttu")
1987: Nandi Award for Best Actor ("Swayamkrushi")
1988: Filmfare Award for Best Actor ("Rudraveena"), Nargis DuttAward for best feature film for National Integration("Rudraveena")
1992: Nandi Award for Best Actor ("Aapathbandhavudu")
1993: Filmfare Best Actor ("Muta Mesthri")
1999: Filmfare Award for Best Actor ("Sneh Kosam")
2002: Nandi Award for Best Actor ("Indra"), the Filmfare Award for best actor ('Indra')
2003: Tagore Award for Best Actor ("Santosham")
2004: Filmfare Award for Best Actor ("Shankar Dada MBBS")
2006: Padma Bhushan Award
2007: Filmfare Special Award Legend


1978 - Prana Khareedu, Manavoori Pandavulu 
1979 - Kothala Raayudu, Sri Rambantu, Idikatha Kaadu, Punaadi Rallu, I love you, Kotta Alludu, Kukka Katuku Cheppu Debba, 
Tayaramma Bangarayya 
1980 - Rakta sambandha, Mogudu Kavala, Tarangalu Prema, Love in Singapore, Thathayya Premaleelalu, Kaali, Nakili Manishi, Punnami Naagu, Mosagadu, Jathara, Aarani Mantalu, Chandipriya, Rowdy Kottapeta, Agni Samskara 
1981 - Kirayi Rowdylu, Chattaniki Kallu Levu Priya, Srirasthu Subhamasthu, 47 Rojulu, Rani Kasula Rangamma, Ooriki Ichina Maat, Nyaya Kavala, Prema Natakam, Tirugu Leni Manishi, Todu Dongalu 
1982 - Bandhalu Anubandhalu, Manchu Pallaki, Mondi Ghat, Yamakinkarudu, Bill Rank, Patna Vachina Prativrathalu, Tingu Rangadu, Radha My Darling, Sitadevi, Idi Pellantara, Subhalekha, Bandipotu Simha, Ramayya Intlo Veedilo Krishnayya 
1983 - Sangarshana, Manthri Viyyankudu gari, Khaidi, Simhapoori Simha, Maa Inti Premayanam, Roshagadu, Maga Maharaju, Gudachari No.1, Pula Bebbuli, Shivudu Shivudu Shivudu, Aalyashikaram, Abhilasha, Palletoori Monagadu 
1984 - Rustum, Agnigundam, Naagu, Intiguttu, Challenge, Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu, Devanthakudu, Hero, Goonda, Allulu Vasthunnaru 
1985 - Vijetha, Adavi Donga, Raktha Sindhura, Pula, Jwala, Chiranjeevi, Donga, Chattem Tho Porat 
1986 - Chanakya Shapadham, Dairyavanthudu, Rakshasudu, Chantabbai, Veta, Magadheerudu, Kondaveeti Raja, Kirathakudu 
1987 - Jebu Donga, Swayamkrushi, Pasivadi Prana, Chakravarthy, Aradhana, Donga Mogudu 
1988 - Yudda Bhoomi, Trinetrudu, Marana Mrudangam, Khaidi No.786, Yamudiki Mogudu, Rudraveena, Manchi Donga 
1989 - Lankeshwarudu Shankar, Rudranetra, Rowdy country Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu 
1990 - Raja Vikramarka, Prathibandh, Kodama Simha, Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, Kondaveeti Donga 
1991 - Rowdy Alludu, leader of the gang, Stuartpuram Police Station 
1992 - Aapathbandhavudu, Aaj Ka Goonda Raj Gharana Mogudu 
1993 - Mechanic Alludu, Muta Mesthri 
1994 - The Gentleman, SPParasuram, Mugguru Monagallu 
1995 - Rikshavodu, Big Boss, allude Majak 
1996 - Hitler 
1997 - Champion 
1998 - Choodalani Vundi, Bavagaru Bagunnara 
1999 - Iddaru Mitrulu, Sneh Kosam 
2000 - Annayya, Hands Up 
2001 - Dad, Manjunatha, Mrugaraju 
2002 - Indra 
2003 - Anji, Tagore 
2004 - Shankar Dada MBBS 
2005 - Andarivadu, Jai Chiranjeeva 
2006 - Stalin 
2007 - Shankardada Zindabad 
2008 - Dheerudu

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