Friday, August 19, 2011

Arya’s 1947-A Love Story movie coming in September 1st week

The new hero of Tamil film titled Arya '1947-A Love Story, "which is made from the budget of R 20 crores will be released in September by the Multi-Dimension Entertainments (P) Ltd. is the Telugu dubbed version of Tamil hit film a" Madarasu Pattanam "in Directed by AL Vijay operator. The story is on the background of Chennai in the pre-independence period and the current status. According to Parthasarathy Rajath "Pattinam Madaras" was a huge hit in Tamil Nadu and therefore he expects the movie '1947-A Love Story "also become a big hit. '1947-A Love Story" is a love story of an Indian boy and a British woman History looks like. Amy (Amy Jackson) is the daughter of a British Governor General of Madras city, who lives in India, Indian revolutionary freedom. During the British Raj Dhobi ghat plans to demolish the construction of the golf course, Parthi (Arya), who lives there is opposed to their plan, and fights for justice. Irritated by his actions, a British soldier challenges Parthi saying that if he won the wrestling match against him, then leave the city immediately Madras. Meanwhile, Amy fall in love with seeing his bold Parthi approach. Are Parthi wrestling match to win? Do Parthi and Amy was able to love them? To know you have to watch the movie in theaters. Director AL Vijay has sketched an exceptionally good film, choosing from a unique history. Nirav Shah camera work, editing Antony and GV Prakash Kumar is the advantages of this music video. We are confident about the success of this movie in Telugu as well. We plan to release the audio by the end of the month, and the film in a week in September. Cast: Arya, Amy Jackson, Nazar, VMC Hanish, Bala Singh, MS Bhaskar, Omar, Balaji etc.

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