Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan’s video getting popular now among crazy fans

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepa Sahi in Maya MemsaabShah Rukh Khan is known for giving Block Busters now in 2007 his Om Shanti Om was a super hit movie and so now in 2008 there is something new in basket that is his video may be this will break all his movie records :P .

According to latest news an adult video is being circulated on the internet from last week and dont get shocked this doesn’t mean this is his new scandal :P this is the video which was shooted in the earlier initial stage of SRK’s career in 1993 for a film called ‘MAYA MEMSAAB’ in which Deepa Sahi was the female lead and this movie was directed by her husband Ketan Mehta.

Maya Memsaab contained a love making scene between Maya(Deepa Sahi) and Lalit(SRK, Maya’s lover). This scene contained the duo in a nude posture. The scene also contained nude sequence and the actress private parts but the bottom was covered. SRK’s whole back and body was visible with Deepa’s bossom. This scene was chopped by the sensor board, But for a surprise after 15 years this censored scene again being circulated Many thanks to internet and the net savvy girls are demanding this video at any cost even paying some hefty amount of money to some sites to get this. This video is also said to be full of love making scenes between the super star SRK and Deepa which doesn’t gives the viewers any space to imagine

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