Friday, October 16, 2009

Harry Potter fans petition to watch Grint’s movie

Thousands of people in the US, UK, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Australia and Asia have signed the online petition to distribute an independent film, Cherrybomb, starring Harry Potter star in these countries.

The film premiered at Berlin International Film Festival in February 2009, has been critically acclaimed at many other festivals but still failed to get an official distributor to bring it to the global big screen.

And now fans and supporters all round the world sign the petition to be able to watch the in theatres in the nearest future.

The film centers on two best friends in a small town ( and Robert Sheehan) whose friendship is put at stake when a new girl Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) moves to town and sets a dirty competition for her heart turning the best friends into the worst enemies.

The film features Harry Potter star in a set of hot sex scenes as well as taking drugs and fighting in the streets.

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