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Do you like beauty products? Of course you do…that’s why you’re here, right? Then chances are you probably love FREE BEAUTY PRODUCTS!

Spoiled Pretty is partnering with ZENO for a giveaway. Two lucky winners will receive ZENO HOT SPOT - a handheld, battery-operated device that uses gentle heat to treat individual acne blemishes. Contest ends on Thursday, February 25, 2010 at noon (EST).

Spoiled Pretty is also teaming up with Clinique for a contest. Five winners will receive Clinique's new High Lengths Mascara. Contest ends on Friday, February 26, 2010 at noon (EST).

What are you still reading this for? Enter right now! Don't miss out - because that wouldn't be pretty.

Good luck!

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“Makeup fans, if you're not already in love with Daneen and her fabulous beauty-centric site Spoiled Pretty, you will be after today. Not only is she seriously obsessed with makeup and hair products, but she's fun, hilarious and makes the best pop culture references. For proof…she managed to pack shout outs to the Flux Capacitor and Clueless in with some incredibly thorough foundation and lipgloss recommendations—all in a single interview!” –

“Spoil Yourself: When Philly native Daneen Baird got sick of ho-hum style, she started Spoiled Pretty, a blunt, funny blog on fashion and makeup trends. Log on to find fun giveaways and beauty tips.” –Philadelphia Style Magazine

“This oft-updated blog contains tons of information and is very easy to digest. Lots of content without too much text to wade through, which is nice. Just beauty tips, myths, deals and trends - with a few posts on great handbags and home decor for good measure.” – (Top 5 Beauty Blogs)

“Daneen gives really great tips and insight into what products are a go and which ones are a no. She also has some really fab weekly giveaways.” –

“My RSS reader spans tech blogs such as Mashable and Lifehacker, media blogs such as Buzz Board and PaidContent, political blogs such as Daily Kos and Huffpo (there goes my political anonymity), fashion and beauty blogs such as Second City Style and Spoiled Pretty, and of course, my guilty pleasures, Consumerist and Curbed.” – (PRNewser interview with Curtis Hougland, Founder of Attention! PR)



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